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  • May : Upcoming events

    Sunny days are coming to Toulouse! Make the most of your month of May around the Hotel*** and Residence Alezan : Zénith, Casino Barrière, Théâtre Garonne, Musée des Abattoirs, Hippodrome et Guided tours. Are you interested in one of these events? Nothing could be simpler for you to stay! Our establishment is ideally located and our practical accommodations guarantee you comfort and autonomy. Contact us now via our website or by phone at +33 ! At the Zenith this month 03/05/2022 Dream Theater 05/05/2022 Angèle 07/05/2022 Bernard Lavilliers 09/05/2022 Eddy de Pretto 13/05/2022 Scorpions 14 et 15/05/2022 PNL 19/05/2022 Pop Legends : le concert extraordinaire 21/05/2022 Ciné concert : Harry Potter à l'école des sorciers At the Casino Barrière 03/05/2022 Camelia Jordana 05/05/2022 Seb Mellia 06/05/2022 Dream 07 & 08/05/2022 9ème festival international de magie 10/05/2022 Jérôme Commandeur 12/05/2022 Nora Hamzawi 13, 14 & 20/05/2022 Dîner concert : Diabolic song in paradise 15/05/2022 Dani Lary 22/05/2022 Jeremstar 26/05/2022 Rock the ballet 31/05/2022 Barbara Pravi At the Théâtre Garonne Du 12 au 15/05/2022 Ving mille lieux sur la Terre 17/05/2022 Grande suite à l'ombre des ondes Du 19 au 28/05/2022 A Thousand ways (part two) : an encounter Du 19 au 21/05/2022 Gardien Party 20 et 21/05/2022 Remaining strangers 21/05/2022 1, rue Najla Bouden Du 24 au 28/05/2022 Teach me (to be) french Du 26 au 27/05/2022 Ballad 26 et 27/05/2022 Out of place Du 27 au 29/05/2022 Silence encombrant 31/05/2022 Hypnagonaute, cabinet d'écoute At the Musée des Abattoirs Jusqu'au 31/05/2022 Mezzanine Sud Jusqu'au 31/05/2022 Artiste/Artisan ? Jusqu'au 31/05/2022 Manifeste Orlan, corps et sculptures At the Hippodrome 04/05/2022 à 13h30 Réunion de trot 20/05/2022 à 18h30 Réunion de plat et obstacles 26/05/2022 à 11h30 Réunion de plat Guided tours in Toulouse Toulouse is a city rich in culture and entertainment, events do not stop at our list. Discover by clicking just here what will punctuate the month of May in the pink city.

  • Alezan Hotel and Residence : Where and How to eat ?

    A planned stay with us? Discover below the solutions to eat. Between independent cuisine, meal order terminal and partner restaurants, all possible choices are available to you. Kitchenette in all our accommodation For an economical and totally autonomous stay, you have come to the right place! Indeed, all our accommodations, rooms and apartments, have a kitchenette! Composed of a fridge, cooking plates, a microwave, storage, dishes and all the necessary utensils, it is ideal. You can reheat a quick-made dish as well as concoct delicious recipes. No need to spend hours thinking about "how and where" to eat, the Hotel*** and Residence Alezan has put all the facilities in place to make you feel at home. By the way, click here to discover the apartments of our Residence. No need to go out, you just have a few errands to do. Luckily, the Aldi and Lidl supermarkets are just 3 and 10 minutes' walk away. Meal Order Terminal Want to enjoy a good little dish without getting in the way? Go down to the lobby, you will find the ideal solution! Our Meal Order Terminal "Eat Hotel" is waiting for you! It offers a wide choice of catering between Japanese, Indian, French, Chinese and Italian cuisine. Deliver directly from your room or in the lobby of the establishment. To use it, nothing is simpler, go to the touch screen of the terminal or you can download the application via your personal support (possibility to scan the QR code on the terminal). For payment, you are free to pay by credit card, cash and restaurant tickets. Online meal delivery is the solution that fits everyone. Easy to use, fast and just as delicious, I invite you to order without delay! Our Partner Restaurants You prefer to go to the restaurant? No worries! We have 3 very good partner restaurants that will delight young and old. Located at maximum 3 minutes walk from our establishment, it is difficult to make closer. It is perfect for your stay in Toulouse! The "Jardins de la Cépière" A brasserie-restaurant whose plates are designed with seasonal products to make you discover the local flavors through a formula at 16€/person with starter, main course and dessert (drinks not included). The Map is composed according to the seasons with fresh and local products. The chef always puts a touch of originality in it so that your plate is better. For the moment, enjoy the room completely redecorated since the month of October. And when the sunny days arrive, you can have lunch in a green setting in the garden of the restaurant. Address : 30 Chemin des Courses, 31100 Toulouse Timetable : From monday to friday, from 12am to 2pm and from 7:30pm to 10pm ; saturday, from 7:30pm to 10pm Phone number : 09 80 75 39 29 Website Instagram Picture credit : Les Jardins de la Cépière The "Vietnam Délices" Quality Vietnamese restaurant (tested and approved by our team) offering fresh products with a formula at 19.90€/person with starter, main course and dessert (drinks not included). Various specialties are offered to you to discover this tasty gastronomy. The team is at the top and will welcome you with open arms. Feet to Toulouse, head to Hanoi, gustatory travel guaranteed. Address : 50 Avenue de Lardenne, 31100 Toulouse Timetable : From monday to saturday, from 12am to 2pm and from 6pm to 10pm Phone number : 05 61 49 82 22 Website Instagram Picture credit : Vietnam Délices The "Panoramique" of the Hippodrome A bistro cuisine (tested and approved by our team) with a breathtaking view on the racetrack offers a formula at 16€/person with starter, main course and dessert (drinks not included) or a choice of main course à la carte. Passionate about horses or not, you will spend a pleasant moment at the Panoramic. The kitchen is simple and efficient and the setting is out of the ordinary. For a perfect evening, do not hesitate to complete your meal by attending a race, sensation and atmosphere at the rendez-vous ! Address : Hippodrome de la Cépière, 1 Chemin des Courses, 31100 Toulouse Timetable : From monday to friday, from 11:45am to 2:30pm and the night for the days of racing Phone number : 05 61 99 60 32 Website Instagram Picture credit : Restaurant Panoramique de l'Hippodrome You can now see that when you stay at the Hotel*** and Alezan Residence, you are free to eat as you wish. There is something for all tastes and needs. Make your choice and above all, enjoy your meal !

  • Gastronomy of Toulouse : Savory Specialities

    In Toulouse, gastronomy is sacred and we understand why. The city and its region are plenty of exceptional culinary specialities. For this time, we will focus ourself on salty products. No, it’s not just cassoulet, even if we couldn’t do without it. This article lists the presentation and recipe based on these products that we love so much. Discover the wealth of Toulouse’s gastronomic heritage. I’m sure you’re going to get a mouthful of it. The Cassoulet It is famous, it is unavoidable, it is no longer presented, it is the Cassoulet! Its name comes from the dish in which it is concocted, the cassole, made in Issel near Castelnaudary where this delicious dish originated. It consists of melting tarbais beans, duck confit and Toulouse sausage. However, in the Toulouse variant, lamb or sheep meat is often added and it is made gratin. Le Cassoulet is a monument of Toulouse gastronomy, you will not (and must) escape it during your stay, a guaranteed treat! For the more adventurous, here is the complete recipe for this tasty dish. For the others, go to Emile, one of the best places to taste it: Address : 13 Place Saint-Georges, 31000 Toulouse Timetable : From monday to saturday, from 12am to 2pm and from 7:30pm to 10pm Website Picture credit : Saveurs Magazine Toulouse Sausage We don’t need to present it to you anymore, the Toulouse sausage is eaten with all the sauces. In a simmered dish, grilled on the barbecue or simply in the stove, it is a regular of the kitchen of the southwest. This large sausage made with pork meat is a real delight for our taste buds. Even if you find it easily in the supermarket, nothing better than to go and find it at a local producer or in the markets. Where to buy the best sausages in Toulouse? Well, that’s it, the verdict fell last September at the annual contest dedicated to this product. The big winner is Pierre Pinel, Toulouse’s artisan charcutier. Name : Les Petits Charcutiers, Maison Pinel Address : Loge 9 et 11, Marché Saint-Cyprien, 31300 Toulouse Timetable : From tuesday to friday, from 7am to 1pm ; saturday and sunday until 2pm Website Picture credit : Place du Marché The Alicuit of Duck In Gascon, alicuit is called "alycot" meaning stew. It is a typical dish of the gersoise cuisine of the farm. At the time, the peasants liked to make this rich and comforting dish at the end of a long day’s work. But what does it consist of? In gascon dialect, alycot also decomposes into "ale y cot" which means the wings and the neck. We understand that this dish gathers all the pieces of duck less used, some even added the head and legs to give taste to the broth. This is complemented by a few vegetables such as carrots and potatoes, then flavoured with white wine and olives. Alicuit is a stewed dish that certainly does not pay a lot but that yet delights us with its delicious taste and conviviality. Discover the recipe without further delay! Picture credit : Julie Andrieu The Toulouse Chicken Culinary speaking, the Toulouse Chicken is nothing exceptional. It is considered by the locals as a quite banal dish, part of the gastronomic terroir. However, that does not take away from the fact that it is delicious. This is actually a chicken stuffed with sausage meat from Toulouse of course! To give even more aromas, we add garlic and olives, a few potatoes as an accompaniment and the trick is done! The fat of the sausage meat makes the skin of the chicken crispy and melting, just as we like it. More than a treat. The recipe? It’s just here. Picture credit : Cookidoo The Goose Foie gras Beware no contempt, duck foie gras is native to the Landes, everyone knows it and it is found almost systematically on our New Year’s Eve tables. However, Toulouse is not to be outdone, of much less notoriety certainly, the goose foie gras, deserves that you pay attention to it. And unlike its famous cousin, this one can be enjoyed throughout the year, a real pleasure for the gourmets that we are! You can find it under different variants specific to each producer in the region. Don’t miss this discovery! Visit the Maison Samaran, a specialist in foie gras in Toulouse: Address : Marché Victor Hugo, Place Victor Hugo, 31000 Toulouse Timetable : From tuesday to saturday, from 7am to 7pm and sunday until 3pm Website Picture credit : Rougié The Ham of Lacaune (or from the Black Mountain) Last on our list of specialities but not least, Ham of Lacaune is an exceptional charcuterie. Here also called Black Mountain Ham, it has its origins in the Monts de Lacaune, located a few kilometres east of Toulouse. Its peculiarity is that the pigs are raised at a relatively low altitude of 800 meters, allowing the ham to be particularly melting. In 2015, he obtained the PGI (Protected Geographical Indication). Cured ham from Lacaune can be enjoyed raw as an aperitif or in a salad as well as cooked. It is also found in the Albigensian version of Gras Double, a simmered dish with saffron. You are dying to taste it right now? I understand you. So if you go to your regular Toulouse charcutier, I’m willing to bet he’ll have some for you. Picture credit : Les Salaisons de Lacaune And so, this is where our salty survey ends. Good to go, I won’t keep you any longer, get your best shopping bag and head for the market!

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  • Hôtel 3 star Toulouse | Alezan Hôtel & Résidence | Near Racetrack

    hotel-toulouse-hyppodrome hotel-campus-toulouse appart-hotel-Alezan-Hotel-Residence hotel-toulouse-hyppodrome 1/9 Click here to discover the surroundings Your hotel 3* in Toulouse Our best rates are waiting for you ! | Close to the racetrack and the Zenith | 05 31 61 62 51 BIENVENUE | WELCOME | BIENVENIDA It’s all set up for you. Prepare for your stay in Toulouse Whether you are traveling for business, on a family vacation or on a weekend getaway with friends or lovers, we offer you the ideal accommodation for your stay. We are committed to providing you with the best services and amenities for a successful stay. Ideally located in the city center, close to the Zenith and the racetrack of Toulouse, we offer rooms for 2 to 4 people. Your hotel residence is close to the racecourse and the Zenith of Toulouse Follow us on our social networks ! Share your experience Alezan. May 5, 2022 May : Upcoming events Les beaux jours arrivent à Toulouse ! Profitez pleinement de votre mois de Mai autour de l'Hôtel*** et Résidence Alezan. Dec 15, 2021 Alezan Hotel and Residence : Where and How to eat ? A stay planned with us? Discover the solutions for you to eat : independent cuisine, meal order terminal and partner restaurants. Dec 8, 2021 Gastronomy of Toulouse : Savory Specialities In Toulouse, gastronomy is sacred. Discover now the salty specialties of the city and its region. New for 2021 ! Read our articles right now. Discover the Blog Découvrez les chambres de l'hôtel Alezan Passez une nuit agréable dans l'une de nos 29 chambres confortable et climatisée. Toutes nos chambres et salles de bain sont équipées et insonorisées pour vous assurer un maximum de confort. ​ Profitez d'un e connexion haut débit, d'un placard aménagé, d'un espace amovible pour travailler ou vous restaurer, ainsi que d'un volet roulant pour vous assurer une nuit dans le noir complet. What you think about us... Booking opinion Rating of 9/10 Perfect to have a closed parking next to the tram, easy connection with the city center. Attentive staff, clean room, we have nothing to complain about. Océane, November 2021 In the center of Toulouse Located in the center of the city of Toulouse, our hotel is ideally situated in front of the racetrack and a few steps from the Zenith, close to all shops. Take advantage of the hotel's underground parking, exclusively reserved for our clients. Up

  • Pets allowed in Toulouse - l'Hôtel Alezan Toulouse

    Seminar room Choose and book your room in the heart of Toulouse Download the 2019/2020 documentation Up Ma question ne se trouve pas dans cette FAQ ! Transmettez-nous votre demande sur notre hôtel et nous vous répondrons ! Envoyez votre message à ou par téléphone +33 (0)5 31 61 62 51

  • Residence Appart'Hotel | Alezan Hotel | Toulouse Hippodrome

    Intergenerational Residence Your apartment hotel in the heart of Toulouse Fully equipped flats to make you feel at home appartements For your study stays, internships, temporary work period, change of professional or family situation on Toulouse, a single Alezan Residence address, “Ready to live” apartments with competitive prices for everyone. We are located near Toulouse Mirail University, Veterinary School, Purpan Engineering School, Cadastre School, Red Cross Nursing School, Deodat de Séverac High School, Polyvalent Rive Gauche High School, Toulouse Compans Caffarelli ESC as well as all the activity zones around the airport and the city center of Toulouse. Furnished and equipped studio - 22m² Virtual visit Alezan-Hotel-Residence-Studio-01 Alezan-Hotel-Residence-Studio-02 Alezan-Hotel-Residence-Studio-Dollhouse-toulouse Alezan-Hotel-Residence-Studio-01 1/5 Air-conditioned with convertible sofa (140x190) ​​ Cupboard fitted with wardrobe and shelves in the main room Fully equipped kitchen, with crockery and utensils, hob, microwave and top fridge ​​ A removable space for working and eating ​​ Bathroom with sink, bath with shower screen, WC Apartment T1 furnished and equipped - 28m² Virtual visit Alezan-Hotel-Residence-T1-01 Alezan-Hotel-Residence-T1-02 Alezan-Hotel-Residence-T1-Dollhouse-View Alezan-Hotel-Residence-T1-01 1/6 Air-conditioned with 2-seater sofa bed or twin beds ​​ 2 fitted cupboards with wardrobe and shelves, one in the main room and one in the entrance Kitchen equipped with crockery and utensils, hob, microwave and top fridge ​​ A removable space for working and eating ​​ Bathroom with sink, bath with shower screen, WC Furnished and equipped T2 apartment - From 36m² to 44m² Virtual visit Alezan-Hotel-Residence-T2-01 Alezan-Hotel-Residence-T2-02 Alezan-Hotel-Residence-T2-06 Alezan-Hotel-Residence-T2-01 1/6 Bright and spacious air-conditioned apartment ​​ American kitchen, equipped with crockery and utensils, microwave, hob, Top fridge ​​ Living room with sitting area, 140x190 convertible sofa, dining table and chairs, workspace, coffee table, floor lamp, curtains, balcony Bedroom: 160x190 bed, bedside tables with lamps, roller shutter to ensure complete darkness ​​ Bathroom with sink, bath with Shower screen, Towel dryer. Independent WC Télécharger la documentation 2022 Download the documentation 2022 Descargar la documentación 2023 Need help with your deposit? Count on our partners who will guarantee you assurance and accessibility. * only for apprentices and students Caution Your apartment hotel in the heart of Toulouse Pour une semaine ou plusieurs mois, nos résidences hôtelières vous proposent le confort et les services qui rendront votre séjour à Toulouse agréable. ​ Séjournez dans l'un de nos 133 appartements fonctionnel, climatisé, insonorisé. Ils disposent tous d’une kitchenette équipée et d’une salle de bain privative avec baignoire et WC. ​ Idéalement situé dans le quartier de La Cépière facilement accessible et desservie par les transports en commun, la résidence vous permet de combiner voyage d'affaire et tourisme dans le plus grand confort. Up

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