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Alezan Hotel and Residence : Where and How to eat ?

Updated: Nov 18, 2022

A planned stay with us? Discover below the solutions to eat.

Between independent cuisine, meal order terminal and partner restaurants, all possible choices are available to you.


Kitchenette in all our accommodation

For an economical and totally autonomous stay, you have come to the right place! Indeed, all our accommodations, rooms and apartments, have a kitchenette!

Composed of a fridge, cooking plates, a microwave, storage, dishes and all the necessary utensils, it is ideal. You can reheat a quick-made dish as well as concoct delicious recipes.

No need to spend hours thinking about "how and where" to eat, the Hotel*** and Residence Alezan has put all the facilities in place to make you feel at home. By the way, click here to discover the apartments of our Residence.

No need to go out, you just have a few errands to do. Luckily, the Aldi and Lidl supermarkets are just 3 and 10 minutes' walk away.

Meal Order Terminal

Want to enjoy a good little dish without getting in the way?

Go down to the lobby, you will find the ideal solution!

Our Meal Order Terminal "Eat Hotel" is waiting for you! It offers a wide choice of catering between Japanese, Indian, French, Chinese and Italian cuisine.

Deliver directly from your room or in the lobby of the establishment.

To use it, nothing is simpler, go to the touch screen of the terminal or you can download the application via your personal support (possibility to scan the QR code on the terminal). For payment, you are free to pay by credit card, cash and restaurant tickets.

Online meal delivery is the solution that fits everyone. Easy to use, fast and just as delicious, I invite you to order without delay!

Our Partner Restaurants

You prefer to go to the restaurant? No worries!

We have 3 very good partner restaurants that will delight young and old. Located at maximum 3 minutes walk from our establishment, it is difficult to make closer. It is perfect for your stay in Toulouse!

The "Jardins de la Cépière"

A brasserie-restaurant whose plates are designed with seasonal products to make you discover the local flavors through a formula at 16€/person with starter, main course and dessert (drinks not included).

The Map is composed according to the seasons with fresh and local products. The chef always puts a touch of originality in it so that your plate is better.

For the moment, enjoy the room completely redecorated since the month of October.

And when the sunny days arrive, you can have lunch in a green setting in the garden of the restaurant.

Address : 30 Chemin des Courses, 31100 Toulouse
Timetable : From monday to friday, from 12am to 2pm and from 7:30pm to 10pm ; saturday, from 7:30pm to 10pm
Phone number : 09 80 75 39 29

Picture credit : Les Jardins de la Cépière

The "Vietnam Délices"

Quality Vietnamese restaurant (tested and approved by our team) offering fresh products with a formula at 19.90€/person with starter, main course and dessert (drinks not included).

Various specialties are offered to you to discover this tasty gastronomy. The team is at the top and will welcome you with open arms.

Feet to Toulouse, head to Hanoi, gustatory travel guaranteed.

Address : 50 Avenue de Lardenne, 31100 Toulouse
Timetable : From monday to saturday, from 12am to 2pm and from 6pm to 10pm
Phone number : 05 61 49 82 22

Picture credit : Vietnam Délices

The "Panoramique" of the Hippodrome

A bistro cuisine (tested and approved by our team) with a breathtaking view on the racetrack offers a formula at 16€/person with starter, main course and dessert (drinks not included) or a choice of main course à la carte. Passionate about horses or not, you will spend a pleasant moment at the Panoramic. The kitchen is simple and efficient and the setting is out of the ordinary. For a perfect evening, do not hesitate to complete your meal by attending a race, sensation and atmosphere at the rendez-vous !

Address : Hippodrome de la Cépière, 1 Chemin des Courses, 31100 Toulouse
Timetable : From monday to friday, from 11:45am to 2:30pm and the night for the days of racing
Phone number : 05 61 99 60 32

Picture credit : Restaurant Panoramique de l'Hippodrome

You can now see that when you stay at the Hotel*** and Alezan Residence, you are free to eat as you wish. There is something for all tastes and needs. Make your choice and above all, enjoy your meal !

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